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Package org.apache.daffodil.japi.logger

Provides the classes necessary to receive logging messages from Daffodil.

See: Description

Package org.apache.daffodil.japi.logger Description

Provides the classes necessary to recieve logging messages from Daffodil.


Daffodil comes with three prebuilt log writers: To use one of these log writers, create and instance of it and pass it to Daffodil.setLogWriter(org.apache.daffodil.japi.logger.LogWriter). For example, to write all logs to /var/log/daffodil.log:
 FileLogWriter lw = new FileLogWriter(new File("/var/log/daffodil.log"));
One may also change the log level using Daffodil.setLoggingLevel(org.apache.daffodil.japi.logger.LogLevel), which defaults to LogLevel.Info if not set. For example, to change the log level to LogLevel.Warning:
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