VS Code Extension

The Daffodil VS Code Extension is a custom extension developed by Apache for allowing users to debug schemas inside of VS Code. The VS Code Extension also contains a Scala implemation of the Daffodil DAP Debugger that provides the users the ability to debug schemas.


All recent Daffodil VS Code Extension releases are listed here. Each release below is listed by the version and date on which it was released. Clicking on the version number will take you to the release notes and downloads for that release.

Version Summary Release Date
1.2.0 Testing, omega-edit, intellisense, configuration and debugging improvements. Along with package upgrades and bug fixes. 2022-12-06
1.1.0 Initial omega-edit client & DFDL language 2022-08-22
1.0.0 Initial release 2022-04-04