All recent Daffodil releases are listed here, along with several historical releases. Each release below is listed by the version and date on which it was released. Clicking on the version number will take you to the release notes and downloads for that release.

Apache Releases

Version Summary Release Date
3.8.0 Supported Layer API for Algorithmic Plug-ins 2024-06-14
3.7.0 Bug fixes and performance improvements 2024-04-09
3.6.0 Miscellanous bug fixes 2023-11-03
3.5.0 OSGI, Cobol, and improved EXI support, and miscellanous bug fixes 2023-06-26
3.4.0 EXI binary XML support, pluggable character sets, embedded XML, C code generator updates 2022-11-08
3.3.0 Bug fixes and improvements 2022-03-21
3.2.1 Patch release supercedes 3.2.0. Provides updated dependencies to fix CVE-2021-44228 (Log4J), CVE-2021-45105 (Log4J), and CVE-2021-33813 (JDOM). Fixes unparse checksum and CRC capability (JIRA DAFFODIL-2609) Otherwise contains all the same functionality as Release 3.2.0 which it replaces. 2021-12-22
3.2.0 WARNING: This release has been superceded. Use Release 3.2.1 instead. 2021-12-06
3.1.0 Code generation backend, Schematron validation, variable improvements, improved SAX conformance and performance, miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements 2021-05-18
3.0.0 SAX support, streaming, reduced memory usage, diagnostics, and bug fixes 2020-11-20
2.7.0 Bug fixes, new features 2020-07-14
2.6.0 Performance updates, API updates, Sonarqube analysis 2020-04-24
2.5.0 User defined functions, BLOBs, unordered sequences, 2GB+ files, preparation for decreasing schema compile time 2020-01-12
2.4.0 Improved DFDL schema compatibility, new extensions, explicit length choices, better DFDL schema validation, and many bug fixes. 2019-07-12
2.3.0 New features, changes, and bug fixes to improve IBM DFDL compatability 2019-02-26
2.2.0 Message-Streaming API, numerous bug fixes, and features to support additional DFDL schemas. 2018-09-04
2.1.0 Apache incubation/relicensing, packed decimal support, ambiguous expression support, refactoring for future performance improvements 2018-05-14

Pre-Apache Releases

All releases below are from prior to Daffodil's acceptance into the Apache Software Foundation. They are not Apache Software Foundation releases, and are licensed under the NCSA license.
Version Summary Release Date
2.0.0 Support for unparse, with one-to-one feature parity with parse 2017-09-05
1.1.0 Unparse support for simple text data formats 2015-06-04
1.0.0 Parse support for most features of the DFDL specification 2015-03-02